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Marijuana does not have any effect on a woman's ability to get pregnant.

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Q: Can a women still get pregnant if she is smoking cannabis and having problems with her period?
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What can happn during pregnancy if a woman smokes while pregnant?

some of the times when you are pregnant the smoking will go through and harm your baby by coming out being special need or even having problems breathing. As the pregnancy goes on the baby can or can not be effected. smoking while pregnant can cause problems for you and the child.

Is smoking cannabis after having a HPV shot and TB test bad in any way?

There are no special risks from smoking cannabis after an HPV shot and TB test. The risks are the same with or without those medical interventions.

Detox's while being pregnant and smoking cannabis?

Detox diets cleanse and relax your organs. The also require you to use your reserved extra calories and do not give you the same nutrition as eating does. You are growing a body inside that needs extra nutrition. Detox limits the nutrition for one healthy adult, you need food for two. You should wait for the detox, your body is going through enough at the moment. Try eating a organic diet and watch what chemicals you use to cleansing while pregnant.

Since i'v stopped smoking cannabis i keep having very sexual dreams is this normal and why is it happening?

It's probably not because you discontinued cannabis use, hormones are much more likely.

Effects of having OCD and taken cannabis and drinking alcohol?

It can be an effective reliever to the symptoms of OCD and has no side effects on your body unlike most of the drugs prescribed by physicians for the treatment of OCD. That being said, marijuana is still a drug and should not be abused. I myself use marijuana recreationaly and although the drug does not leave me with any physical craving, i still have a psychological craving when i am without it, all be it slight and not distracting from everyday life, it is still a craving regardless of form. What i am saying is that this and every other drug provided to us, even if by mother nature, should be respected and never abused. Marijuana is still a very beautiful medicine which i am grateful for. It is a drug i would have no problem recommending to you or anyone, i just thought it would be best to outline the "terms and conditions". Free the weed!

What problems can occur from having a tilted uterus?

Well, I know that one risk is kidney infections if you have a tilted uterus, which is caused when the baby gets big enough, he/she will lay on one side of your uterus only which could block the tube that transfers the urine from your kidneys to your bladder therefore it remains in the kidneys and bacteria grows and then you end up with a kidney infection. I have a tilted uterus and every pregnancy (this will be my third), I have had a kidney infection only on my right side because that's which way my uterus is tilted.

When having a lft and a cbc blood test will they detect cannabis in your blood?

No, LFT and CBC won't detect cannabis.

Are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson having problems?

They are not together anymore. But they are having stress between them because of the whole "Kristin is pregnant" thing.

Could weed stop us woman fr having bab's?

It has shown no effect on the ability to become pregnant, but smoking it can have the same effects smoking anything does; risks of low birth weight and early labor in particular.

You had your fallopian tubes removed in 2002 is there any chance that you can get pregnant again?

not likely,but if you are having problems you need to contact your doctor