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they say wait for atleast 3 weeks, but by then the swelling has decreased alot and it should be okay, so minimum 2 weeks.

but alot of people say its bull. so ask the person that's piercing the toungue or if you are worried go back and ask, because they can give the best advice. don't listen to the internet because theres normally aload of crap on the web, so ask a professional before consulting the net :)

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you now what you should ask you doctor or the place that let you have your tongue pierced

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Q: How long does it take before you can eat food with yeast after your tongue pierced?
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What are the long-term effects of getting your tongue pierced?

Long-term effects of getting your tongue pierced can include gum recession, chipped teeth, nerve damage, and increased risk of infection. Additionally, the constant presence of jewelry in your mouth can lead to dental issues and interfere with speech and eating.

Is it un healthy for a tongue ring?

Absolutely! Think of eating. Food passes over your tongue, and it gets caught on your ring. It gets stuck inside your tongue and your tongue gets infected. Know the risks and do a lot of research before you pierce your tongue.ANSWERMany people, including possible employers find the pierced tongue revolting, nasty and low class and will not hire a person who has disfigured him or herself in such a way. Enjoy working in a Subway the rest of your life!

When can you eat something spicy after a tongue piercing?

nothing silly goosee. you'll be fine. it might sting when its first pierced but after a while you will be perfectly fine : )

Is it illegal to get your tongue pierced at thirteen in Kentucky?

No illegal, but wouldn't advise it without your parents/guardians permission. Besides, you are inviting infection to the tongue ... could cause permanent damage to a vital organ used for speech and digesting food.

Can you eat candy four days after getting your tongue pierced?

yes and no. You can eat any food that won't pull ,stick or create infection.

The tongue pushes food into a round lump called what?

The tongue pushes food into a round lump called a bolus before swallowing. The bolus is a compacted mixture of food and saliva that is easier to swallow and digest.

Organ that mixes food in the mouth?

The tongue is the organ responsible for mixing food in the mouth. It helps to push food towards the teeth for mechanical digestion and also assists in shaping the food into a bolus before swallowing.

If I have a vaginal yeast infection and touched myself and then touched food can I spread it?

Yeast infections can be spread, but I am not sure the food would spread it. It is possible that a cold sore might develop. Cold sores are herpes simplex virus related to yeast infections. ***** You should always wash your hands before handling food or eating!

Why yeast can produce its own food?

Yeast cannot produce their own foods. The yeast do not have chlorophyll. Yeast must rely on other ways and sources to get food. Yeast mostly feed on sugar.

The rule of yeast in food process?

rule of yeast

How does yeast get food?

yeast is a consumer

How is yeast used uin the food industry?

Yeast is used in the food industry as it is used a lot in bread and some cakes. so your sandwiches that you are eating is from a food industry that uses yeast.