How long does a cramp last?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well that all depends on where it is how intence or tight it is and where it is post this again more spicificly.

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Q: How long does a cramp last?
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What are the symptoms for use the computer to long?

your fingers cramp like you have cramp

What happens to the muscle when experiencing a cramp?

When a muscle cramp occurs, the muscle contracts forcibly and involuntarily and doesn't relax for the time the cramp lasts. The cramp can last from few seconds up to few minutes.

A painful contraction of a muscle?

A spasm or cramp

When did Tony Cramp die?

Tony Cramp died in 1918.

How do you use the word cramp in a sentence?

You could say"My leg cramped" cramp means like a hurtful pain

What does it mean if you have a cramp in your butt?

It means you got a cramp in your butt

What is a sentence using the word cramp?

the girl had a bad cramp.