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Because charlie horse had a cramp.

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Q: Why is a cramp called a charlie horse?
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What does a charlie horse look like?

A Charlie horse is a muscle cramp

What happens when you get a Charlie Horse?

Charlie horse pain refers to a cramp and or spasm in the leg muscles. These pains can last for anywhere between seconds and a full day. There can be many causes of Charlie horse pains including dehydration and lack of calcium or potassium.

What does a charlie horse have to do with the muscular system?

A "charlie horse" is a slang term for a muscle spasm or cramp. These can occur in muscles from a variety of causes, from blunt injury trauma to physiopathological reflex arcs from overuse, electrolyte imbalances, or even nutritional deficiencies.

What is a painful contraction of a muscle called?

Often it is called a cramp.

Another word for a painful contraction of a muscle?

A painful contraction of a muscle is a cramp or charley horse.

Yesterday I had a pain in your legs which was so bad it inabled me to walk what is that?

It's called a Charlie Horse. To get rid of it, eat a banana. A banana has potassium which will help get rid of the Charlie Horse.

Why is a Charlie horse called a Charlie horse?

A Charlie horse is called this because in the old west that muscular part of your leg was called a Charlie. When cowboys would dismount, their legs would chafe and they had to walk very awkwardly. Eventually The Charlie was transformed into The Charlie Horse, named after the cowboys who got these problems.

What is the meaning of the Aussie slang corky?

Charley horse (or Charlie horse). Also variously called a corked thigh, dead leg, granddaddy, chopper or Tommy horse.

When was Chief Charlie Horse created?

Chief Charlie Horse was created on 1956-05-07.

What is the duration of The Charlie Horse Music Pizza?

The duration of The Charlie Horse Music Pizza is 1800.0 seconds.

How do you spell Charlie horse for cramps?

Charley Horse

What is it called after you run it hurts?

Do you mean a cramp?