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as long as the effects last, 1 and a half to 2 and a half hours

Visine is an eye drop that you can buy at the store, its gets rid of the eye redness completely and is great for talking to you parents or teachers with. you cant even notice the dialation with it in.

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Q: How long do your eyes stay diolated after smoking marijuanna?
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How long does marijuanna stay in your body?

For no longer than two weeks

Just stopped smoking cannabis how long will it stay in your system for?

Well, technically it will stay in your body as long as you have your current fat cells, which store the metabolites of marijuanna. Depending on your level of past usage, you could test positive on a drug test for up to about 45 days.

Does definite detox work if you haven't smoked in two weeks?

If you're talking about smoking marijuanna, then no. It takes about 45 days for the metabolites of marijuanna to clear, and then you will always carry some THC in your fat cells, because THC is fat-soluable. If you weren't a heavy smoker, and haven't smoked for long, pickle juice or black licorice might help your body clean out the metabolites.

How long does one hit of marijuanna stay in your system?

as long as 20 or 500 would 3-6 weeks

How long do your eyes stay red after smoking weed?

About as long or slightly longer than the buzz, but subtle redness can persist for up to a day.

If someone is not smoking marijuanna and just comes in contact with it can it show up in urine or blood for a drug screen?

Almost certainly not. Although if marijuana is held tightly for a long time, some THC can seep through your skin and into your bloodstream, much the same way as nicotine via a patch.

How long does it take for Jimsonweed to get out of your system?

2-3 days also I was given this stink weed being told it was tea (technically) it was tea but I had no saliva, and it was turned to mucas my face was also super red and my eyes were diolated (they are always dilated so eh well there is no proof. Some one tell me if stink weed is permanent or not.

How long do you stay in jail for smoking?

For smoking, none. Smoking is not an illegal activity.

How long is long term smoking?


How long does nicotine stay in your system if you stop smoking?

how long doe nicotine stay in your system if you stop smoking?

How long can marijuana be detected in new growth after you quit smoking?

I do believe after one month of smoking marijuana it will clear out of your system but I also believe it depends on how long you were smoking tge marijuana for.

How long has Nicole Anderson been smoking?

She started smoking when she was 14 years old.