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about 30 days...thats what they told me

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Q: How long do you have to wait to retake ross assessment test?
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How do you retake the assessment for AMC Theatres?

If you receive a red (or fail) for the assessment, you can wait a period of 6 months or so before retaking the test. When you retake the assessment, you will be given another chance as your old score will be removed.

How long do you have to wait to retake a driving test after you failed it in Minnesota?

48 hours

Can a fifth grade student retake a map test?

Ask your teacher if you can retake the test

Do you have to retake the written test to get your license?

No you don't have to retake the written test to get your drivers license.

If you fail your g1 test how long is the minimum amount of days you can wait to retake the test?

2 weeks aprox.

If a pregnancy test comes up inconclusive how long should you wait to take another test?

Wait a week and then retake the test.

How much does test drive cost?

$48 (additional $10 to retake written test; additional $20 to retake driving test)

What is retesting?

it is when you retake a test.

When you retake your California permit test is it the same test?

no it is not

Ive taken the GED test and failed the math How can you retake only the math part to finish the test?

Talk to your teacher about it and maybe he/she will talk to you about how you can retake the test or ask if you can go to class before or after school to take the test again and just hope he/she does let you retake the test. :)

Can you retake the TABE test?


Can you retake a drug test if you test positive?

If you are taking a drug test for a job and it is positive, you will not be able to retake the drug test. However, you can always ask the person giving the drug test of it can be retaken.