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no it is not

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Q: When you retake your California permit test is it the same test?
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When you retake your Florida permit test is it the same test?

I know i took it a couple times and each some questions were different and some were rearranged

How much does it cost to retake permit test?

1 million

In CAlifornia how many times can you take the driving test until you pass it?

You have three tries, after that you must retake your permit test

I am 18 years old and my permit expires soon. Let's say I somehow can't schedule my road test before that and have to retake my permit test. Can I retake my road test shortly after the permit test or do I have to wait a certain amount of time afterwards?

When u get ur permit u have to wait at least 6 months

If i took my GED test in Illinois and i just moved to California and i got the letter back saying i failed a section can i retake that one section in California or will i have to retake the whole thin?

you can retake test.

How many times can you retake your drivers permit test in state of minnesota?

There is no limit!

Is it possible to retake the California standard test?

Afraidly. Not

What happens for a Violation of a Learner's Permit in Nebraska?

Normally the permit is revoked. The driver must then retake the driver's test in order to obtain the permit again.

You live in California and have failed the drivers test 2 times what happen if i fail it 3 times will i have to wait months before taking it again thanks?

if you fail for a third time in California, you have to retake the permit test, and then if you pass you will be able to take the drive test whenever you want.

What will I need in order to renew my learners permit in Georgia and do I need to retake the writing test to renew my permit?

Call DMV and ask them

Do you pay everytime you take a Learners Permit?

yes, you have to pay ever time you retake the test

If you pass two of your cdl learning permit test and fail one do you have too take them all again?

In the State of Ohio if you want, or need, to retake the test you failed you would only need to retake the ones you passed if you have failed the failed test 4 times. You then need to purchase a new permit packet and start all over.