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2-3 months before the piercing can be submerged. You can go swimming now as long as the piercing doesnt get wet.

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Q: How long do you have to wait to go swimming after getting a monroe piercing?
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Why is your monroe piercing rubbing against your gums?

Your labret could be too long. Try getting a shorter one.

How long can you take your Monroe piercing out?

If the piercing is over a year old you can remove the Monroe piercing for several hours without fear of the piercing healing closed. Prior to a year you are taking a gamble on how your body will respond to the jewellery being out of the piercing.

Does a Monroe piercing leave a scar?

sure it does. How badly you scar depends on how long you have the piercing, how well it healed and how badly you personally scar.

How long when you get a belly button piercing can you swim?

By that i guess you are asking how longs after the piercing do you have to wait?? If so, I was told 1 week before swimming in chlorinated swimming pools

How long does a lip piercing stay in?

If you're talking about the jewelry then forever if treated right, if your're talking about the hole then you have to keep it in for 6-8 months to let the hole stay not closed, My piercer told me that and I have a Monroe piercing and I'm getting spiderbites tomorrow.

Can you be 13 to get the Marilyn Monroe piercing with parents consent in colorado?

As long as your parents are with you at the time, with a valid ID, then yes.

How long do you have to wait until you can swim after getting your ears pierced?

Wait at least 2 months before you actually get the piercing wet. Before that, you can swim as long as you dont get your ears wet. Be sure to clean them well afterwards too. Water if filthy, and if you go swimming earlier, you increase the risk of infection.

What can you eat after you get a Monroe piercing?

Food would be a good thing, unlike a tongue piercing you can eat almost anything so long as you rinse after eating and stay on something for swelling.

How long after getting a cartilage piercing should you wait to go swimming in a lake or a pool to be safe?

yeah, you would wanna wait so it doesnt get infected, so yeah, i tihnk 3 weeks is fine Get advice from your physician and not people who have no idea about such things. The studio that pierced my cartilage said I could go swimming in a pool the very next day, as long as I don't play with the piercing under water.

Do you have take piercing out when getting surgery?

It depends on the surgery that you are getting, the hospital that you go to, and the type of piercing that you have, but normally they let you keep it in as long as the jewelry is not metal

How long will it take for the junk to stop coming out of your Monroe piercing?

Stuff shouldn't be coming out of it, just clean it very good

How long till you can go swimming after you've gotten your navel piercing?

You should probably be good after a month or so