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Weight loss is a finicky thing. No two people will lose weight at the same rate. That being said it takes approximately ninety minutes of running to lose 1 kg.

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Q: How long do you have to run if you want to lose 1 kg?
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How do you lose 5 kg in a week?

Run for 30 minutes a day

You are 36 your weight is 82 kg you want to loss?

If you are 36 and your weight is 82 kg, the weight you want to lose depends on many factors. Some factors are your height and metabolism.

You want to lose 6 kg in one week?

You can't - even if you starve yourself (which is dangerous) you could not lose that much weight in 7 days.

What is one safe way to lose weight?

eat healthy and excercise! go to the gym or run around the lake :) that's what i did and i lost 10 kg !!

How many kg should you reduce in a month?

it's healthy to lose .4 - .9 kg a week, so in a month it's healthy to lose around 1.6 - 3.6 kg.

You want to lose your weight minimum 3-4 kg in a week how can you do this?

if u want to loose weight in a week i can help u.tell me your age and where u live and m/f

How long will it take a 70 kg 13-year-old to lose weight?

if you have balanced diet and exercise eventually in a few months

How do you lose one KG in one week?


How can you lose 50 kg in a month?

Sorry but you can't

How long would it take to lose 22 kilograms by not eating at all?

Doing this would make you ill and may be life threatening. IF you are planning to lose 22 KG then do so under medical supervision.

How do you lose 10 kg in two weeks?

To lose 10 kg in 2 weeks, you need to incorporate a daily exercise plan that consists of stretching, cardiovascular activity and weightlifting, for about an hour. Eat three small meals each day and two healthy snacks. Try to incorporate a night time routine of stretching and 100 sit ups to further aid your weight loss in such as short space of time and drink plenty of water.

How do you lose 15kg in 2 weeks?

Surgery. You cannot lose a kg a day for two weeks..