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6 weeks for the lower lobe. Otherwise it could be up to 8 weeks. Cartillage piercings can take up to 6 months to heal.

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Q: How long do you have to keep the studs in after you have had your ears pierced?
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If you have newly pierced ears how long do you have to wait to get them pierced in a different spot?

Well, firstly, you have to keep your studs in for six weeks without taking them off. After then, I'd leave it a couple of weeks before making an appointment to get them pierced in another place.

Does it hurt for a ten year old girl to get her ears pierced?

No as long as you get them pierced at professionals who clean the ears first.

When you just get your ears pierced how long do you keep the studs in?

At least 2-3 months. It may be longer, just listen to your body :) They shouldnt be tender, swollen, or red once they've gone through the initial healing phase.

Should you die your hair with your ears just pierced?

as long as you get no die in your ears you will be fine(:

Will pierced ears close up after having them done almost 4 weeks ago and will it leave a scar How long before ears can be repierced after they close up?

After you get your ears pierced, you should keep the first earrings in for about 6 weeks. But you should wear earrings at all times (only studs) for the first 6 months as well, to keep the holes regular sized. If you let your ears close up, or if they become infected (or both) there will most likely be a scar (a small dot where your hole was, if you could call that a scar). You must wait a while after your ears close up to get them re-pierced, because there may be scar tissue. I do not know the exact amount of time you must wait to have them re-pierced. But I bet if you went to the piercing place and told them how long ago your ears closed up/got infected, they could tell you if they could pierce them or not. This information is just from my personal experience, so results may be a little different for you ;)

Can your ears be pierced by having clip ons too long?


How long do you have to keep your earring in after piercing?

I got my ears pierced at a parlor. With a 12 gauge needle. They told me, 4 weeks before taking them out to switch, or to stretch.

How long until you can swim when getting your ears pierced?

2-3 months

How long do you keep your studs in?

You should keep your studs in for how long the piercing person told you. If not, longer. (don't forget to clean them with the special cleaning stuff they gave you!!)

Does Claudia Schiffer have her ears pierced?

Yes, she does. She had her ears pierced in 2006 especially for the photoshoot for her Autumn/Winter 2006 advertising campaign for the fashion chain, Accessorize, so that she could model some of the earrings they sell - all of which are for pierced ears only. Here's what Claudia had to say about it in a magazine interview: "When we were discussing the photoshoot details a few weeks beforehand, they asked me if I'd be prepared to have my ears pierced, as all of the new season's earrings were for pierced ears. I'd never had them done before but, as they said they'd pay me an additional fee if I agreed to have them pierced, I thought 'why not', and had them done the very next day. At first, it felt a bit strange to have them done, but I soon got used to it. Now, I really love them and keep wondering why I waited so long to have them done." Since then, she's kept her ears pierced, but doesn't always wear earrings. So the answer is yes, she does have her ears pierced.

How long is it before you can get ears pierced again after healing up?

4 to 6 weeks

Can you swim In salt water after you get your ears pierced?

Yes, so long as the piercings have healed properly.