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Q: How long did it take a slave ship to make the trip along the middle passage?
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What effect did the middle passage have on the Africans?

The Middle Passage had devastating effects on Africans, as millions were subjected to brutal conditions during the transatlantic slave trade. Many Africans suffered from malnutrition, disease, and death during the journey. The trauma and brutality of the Middle Passage had long-lasting physical and psychological impacts on the survivors.

How long did the middle passage last?

the middle passage has lasted 16th-19th century.

How long was you on the middle passage for?

for 4-8 weeks

What factors caused the slave trade to grow and how did this affect conditions on the Middle Passage?

The people of the colonies needed slaves. As farmers began to use fewer indentured servants, slaves became very valuable. People were willing to pay a lot for labor. As slaves became popular, the slave trade grew. The slave trade brought millions of Africans across the Atlantic ocean in a voyage called the Middle Passage. This affected conditions on the Middle Pasage because people were willing to pay a lot of money for labor. So, for greater profits, slave traders fit as many slaves as possible on board into spaces not even three feet high. The Middle passage was a terrifying and deadly journey that could last as long as three months. Thousands of captives died on the harsh journey.

How long did the middle passage journey take?

6 to 8 weeks

How long did it take to cross the middle passage?

4-8 weeks my darling!!!

Approximately how long did the Middle Passage take to travel?

about 2 sometimes 3 months

How many miles was the middle passage?

The Middle Passage route typically covered around 4,000 to 5,000 miles from West Africa to the Americas. The journey was notoriously brutal for enslaved Africans, enduring cramped and inhumane conditions for several weeks.

Did Portugal participated in slave trade?

It is well documented that the Middle Passage slave trade was dominated by Jews, regardless of country. The traders were Jews. The shipowners were Jews. And the largest slaveholders in the New World were in fact Jews, in Brazil. Slavery was/is a Jewish enterprise. Read the Talmud, it does not prohibit slavery as long as the slaves are Gentiles. This is well settled history. Go see for yourself.

What is the long voyage across the Atlantic ocean that brought africans to west indies and north America called?

Middle Passage

Long voyage across the Atlantic ocean that brought Africans to the West Indies and later to North America?

middle passage

What is a long straight passage?

it's a passage that is long and straight.