How long can you rent iTunes movies?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You have 30 days for it in your computer, but after you start watching it, you have 24 hours to finish the movie.

BUT. If you change your time in the computer you can keep it for a longer time.

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Q: How long can you rent iTunes movies?
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Which is better blockbuster or movies off of iTunes?

well at blockbuster you can rent movies for 5 days on itunes you can rent movies for 30 but once you press play 24hours for the start is how long you have to watch the movie

How come some movies on itunes you can't rent?

The availability of movies from iTunes depends upon the distribution agreement reached with the producers of the movie. Some movies are only available to buy initially and then are available to rent later.

How much does iTunes cost month?

The iTunes software is free. The software includes a link to the iTunes store from where you can buy music and movies or rent movies etc. There is no monthly fee you only pay for items you wish to buy or rent.

Can you rent movies on the iPod touch?

Yes. Go to iTunes, rent a movie, and sync with your iPod Touch.

Can you download full movies onto your ipod from iTunes?

yes, buy or rent them from the iTunes store.Answer:well, that doesnt answer the question. i think they meant like can you take your dvds and put them on itunes. but no you cant do that because itunes wants you to buy or rent their movies, that's just how they want to make money obviously! it sucks but whatever... if you really want a movie you have to buy it or rent it.

How do you put movies on your ipod touch?

You can either buy or rent movies from iTunes, or you could copy a movie from your PC to iTunes, but you would have to convert it to MP3 format first.

Can you buy transformers revenge of the fallen on itunes or just rent it?

You should be able to buy it. I believe that almost all movies you can rent on itunes are available to buy at a higher price.

How long does it take to rent a movie from itunes?

It depends on your internet connection

How long do you have a movie if you rent it on iTunes?

I think you have 24 hours to watch after to activate it.

Can you dowload movies on an ipod touch?

Yes. Movie downloads can be made through the iTunes app on your iPod touch (Purple Music Icon). Through the iTunes app you can purchase or rent a movie with your iTunes Store account.

Does Orange Offers provide free iTunes to customers?

Yes, they do offer iTunes but only to rent movies. They offer this every Thursday in a promotion also known as Orange Film To Go.

How much are digital copies of movies?

They are between $1.49-$1.99. They are between $1.49-$1.99.