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If you plan to have a child, stop smoking drugs immediately! You may enjoy it, but it does do damage to the child. If you love the baby inside you, do not do any form of drugs no matter how good you think they are. That baby isn't you and deserves a healthy birth and life. If you search online with the keywords "cannabis and pregnancy" you come up with quite a load of resources. Quoting from the related link, """In the 1983 medical textbook Handbook of Maternal Newborn Nursing the "drugs of abuse during pregnancy" are listed, with the complications they cause. Next to cannabis, it says: "None known".""". Also worth noting """Pot can be safely used during pregnancy, and can help with several of the discomforts/problems associated therewith""" I wouldn't be surprised if there were to be found only positive effects of moderate use of cannabis for the baby.

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Q: How long before pregnancy should you stop smoking marijuana?
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