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You'll have a pretty good indication in about nine months.

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Q: How long after intercourse can you get an accurate result on a home pregnancy test?
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How long does it take to find out you're pregnant?

It takes about a month. If you read the pregnancy test it says that the month after you think you conceived is when you can test yourself, and the result will probably be more definite. A pregnancy test will give an accurate result 3 weeks after sex. 14 weeks after intercourse is the most accurate date for determining pregnancy with a home pregnancy test.

How soon can a home pregnancy test detect pregnancy after intercourse?

Assuming you had intercourse during ovulation then the soonest you could test positive would be 7 days. However, it's almost impossible to get a result that early. It takes 6 - 12 days for the fertilized egg to travel down the fallopian tubes and implant in the uterus. Your body doesn't start producing hCG (the pregnancy hormone) until implantation has occured. Keeping this in mind you will get more accurate results if you wait 2 weeks after intercourse to test.

How can one know she has false positive result in a three weeks pregnancy?

Go see your dr. They can run more accurate tests than a home pregnancy test.

How many days after bleeding implantation or a period can a Home Pregnancy Test be done for a reliable result?

for a most accurate result try a test on the day or after your period is missed

Can a pregnancy result show up in a home pregnancy test 10 after sex?

IT may,it depends on when your period it expected. It is more accurate to take the pregnancy test at the most,Five days before your missed period. It will be most accurate to take the pregnancy test the day before your missed period.

How long does a pregnancy test take to show the results?

The pregnancy tests that can be bought for home use will show a result within five minutes. The test done by medical professionals is more accurate and that will give a result in a day.

How is a tubular pregnancy diagnosed?

While home pregnancy tests are very accurate, they are less accurate than a pregnancy test evaluated by a laboratory.

A doctors pregnancy test vs home pregnancy test?

A doctor's pregnancy test is much more accurate, where as a home pregnancy test can be faulty.

Can you go for home pregnancy test after one week of unprotected intercourse?

No, 2 weeks.

What if 5 days ago several act of intercourse can you take the pregnancy test?

No. A home pregnancy test will not give an accurate answer until 14-16 days after ovulation. Some brands of tests can provide an answer as early as 10 days after ovulation but they are prone to false negatives. If you get a negative result and still you feel that you could be pregnant always be sure to wait a few days and retest.

How accurate is the pregnancy test kit?

A home pregnancy test is very accurate when the test is performed 3-4 weeks after intercourse. A better method of testing would be via the quantitative beta hcg pregnancy blood test which is 100% accurate and can be performed as early as 5-7 days after intercourse.

If you were a month in a half along would a home pregnancy test be able to be negative?

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and my home pregnancy test still come out negative. Due to some woman just are not able to get an accurate result. You're doctor may recommend getting a blood test. Those are usually 100% accurate .