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There is no direct correlation between starting to experience discharge and menarche (first period) per say - starting to get discharge is one of many changes that occurs during puberty, and menarche is just one other change. Typically a girl will start to menstruate within four years of starting puberty, so if she has started to get discharge menarche will likely start within those four years.

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Q: How long after discharge does your period start?
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How long do you have discharge for before you start your period?

You have discharge right after the period that just ended and it lasts

Do you need discharge in order to start your period?

yes. the discharge is a way of cleaning out you vagina ready for the period cycle to start.

How long will it take to get your first period when you have had discharge for a long time?

mostly about 6mnths for the start of discharge but if u have had it for quite awhile than pretty sure it'll be soon

What does it mean if 3 days after your period you start spotting light pink discharge?

what does it mean you start to have a light pink discharge after your period

How long do you get vaginal discharge for before you get your period?

Vaginal discharge starts as you enter puberty, there is no way of telling when your period will start by when you started to get discharge. The most that can be said is that menstruation normally starts within four years of starting puberty.

When will you start your period. Say if you have had discharge for over a year now and do have pains and back ache sometimes?

well if you do start your discharge then you will obviously start your period. I personally hav been having my discharge for 2 years but still haven't started my period.

How can you tell your about to start your period because i have had discharge and cramps and i have also been getting hungry easily help?

You can tell if you have discharge and cramps. Your period will start two to six months after you have discharge.

How long after you start having discharge does your period start?

It's impossible to say when your period will start following getting discharge. Discharge starts as a girl enters puberty, everyone develops differently during puberty but typically we say that a girl will reach menarche within four years of starting puberty.

How long after you get white discharge do you get your period?


Signs about your period?

About a month-2months before you get your period you will start to get discharge which is a yellowy substance with a gooey and thick texture... How do I know if it's discharge or not?

Is it normal to have brownish discharge when you start your first period?

Yes it is.

What does it mean when you have stringy discharge?

Your about to start your period in 2 weeks