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Never. You get a domestic violence conviction, you lose your firearms rights. It's that simple.

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Q: How long after a domestic violence conviction can you legally buy a firearm?
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Can you buy a muzzle loader with a domestic violence conviction?

Have conviction of domestic violence, can i buy a muzzle loader at a gun store legally?

Can you legally carry a firearm if you've been convicted of domestic violence?

No. You can't even legally possess one if you've been convicted of domestic violence charges.

Is conviction of making indecent images of children considered domestic violence?

In and of itself, legally, no.

Once your restraining order has expired can you then legally possess a firearm?

Unless you were CONVICTED of domestic violence, yes.

Can I own a fire arm in Tennessee with a domestic violence charge on your police record?

If you have been convicted of domestic violence, you cannot legally own a firearm anywhere in the U.S. (unless you have had your rights restored).

Can you purchase a firearm with family violence as a misdemeanor?

No not legally.

Can you legally purchase a gun if you have a domestic violence charge that was dropped to a misdemeanor in the state of California?

No, you cannot. Federal law is quite explicit in forbidding anyone convicted of any domestic violence charge - misdemeanor or felony - from purchasing a firearm.

What are your rights to own a firearm?

It depends on what you mean. In the U.S. any person who is of legal age who is not a felon and has no misdemeanors for domestic violence can legally purchase a firearm. There are a few minor state restrictions to that in a few states.

Can you buy guns in missouri if you have a domestic assault from over ten years ago in Tennessee?

If you have a domestic violence conviction, you can't legally purchase a gun anywhere in the U.S. unless you have had your rights restored.

Can you legally own a gun if you have an old misdemeanor charge that was thrown out of court With no conviction and no probation?

Yes. Conviction of a felony, being under indictment, being a fugitive, or being convicted of domestic violence are disqualifiers.

Can a ex felon sale a gun to a gun store in Texas?

"Ex felon"? Either you're a felon, or you're not. If you are, then you can have a firearm you owned legally prior to your conviction sold for you, but you cannot legally be in possession of that firearm at any point after your conviction.

Can you own a gun in California if you had a domestic violence charge?

No, with a charge of any felony or domestic violence misdemeanor you CANNOT own/buy a gun in the state of California. ********* Nor can you legally possess a gun anywhere in the US- Federal law- IF the person was CONVICTED. If a person was charged, but not found guilty, that is NOT a conviction.

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