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Have conviction of domestic violence, can i buy a muzzle loader at a gun store legally?

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Q: Can you buy a muzzle loader with a domestic violence conviction?
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Can a person convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence receive a muzzle loader?

You will need the services of a lawyer.

What is muzzle loader?

A 'muzzle loader' is any firearm (or cannon) which does not have a breech mechanism and which is 'charged' (loaded with powder and shot) from the muzzle end of the barrel.

How do you disassemble a traditions buck hunter pro inline muzzle loader?

how do you take apart the slide mechanism in a muzzle loader

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Does a muzzle loader differ from a regular gun?

yes cause you use black powder for a muzzle loader but for a real gun its all in the bullet and the hammer...

What is a good muzzle loader brand?

Thompson center

What is a smooth bore musket?

A muzzle loader shotgun

Can you shoot pellets out of a muzzle loader rifle?

You can, but, why would you?

What is the difference between a musket and a muzzle loader?

not sure if this is what you are looking for but a musket is usually smooth bored meaning it has no rifling in the barrel where a muzzle loader can have rifling. A muzzle loader refers to any weapon that is loaded thru the muzzle in a simple definition and it can be either smooth bored like a musket or rifled like a Pennsylvania long rifle or like most modern muzzle loaders are today

Is a mussle loader a fire arm?

Muzzle loaders were very early forms of mainly rifle style, but also pistols. Technically a modern mortar is a muzzle loader.

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