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Typically, a five week miscarriage would cause bleeding like a period.

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Q: How is much blood loss would be there at 5 weeks if i had a miscarriage?
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How does miscarriage blood smell like?

I think it smells like the blood loss you would normally get after childbirth

How many days should be the vaginal bleeding if you encountered miscarriage?

One to two weeks is normal. I would refer people after 2-3 weeks, depending on the amount of blood loss and whether it was tailing off or not.

If you have a discharge that is like a clear bubble does that mean you have miscarried?

sometimes in early pregnancy you may not have even been aware that you were miscarring.perhaps a miscarriage was mistaken for a very heavy period but a few weeks into a pregnancy and a miscarriage was occuring,there would be quite a lot of blood loss accompanied with abdominal cramps.a clear bubbly discharge that contains no blood is not a miscarriage.if you are worried go to your g.p as you may have a very common vaginal infection.

When in a pregnancy can miscarriages occur?

A miscarriage can happen at anytime from implantation of the fertilized egg up until the 20th week, but most of them occur in the first 8 weeks. After the 20th week, it is called a stillborn birth instead of a miscarriage. A loss of pregnancy during the third trimester (after 28 weeks) is usually called a premature stillbirth and not a miscarriage.

What term means the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy 20 or more weeks after the pregnancy began?

If you lose a baby after 20 weeks of pregnancy, it's called a stillbirth. If you lose it in the first 20 weeks, it's miscarriage.

What to do if you have a miscarriage?

Call your doctor ASAP and get someone to bring you to the hospital. Do not drive on your own as you may collapse due to loss of blood.

Is it healthy to still be passing tissue 4 days after your miscarriage?

You can experience this for up to two weeks. I am very sorry for your loss. Hang in there! yes. you can pass tissue from your pregnancy for a couple of weeks. After my D&C I passed clots for 2 weeks. If you are worried call your doctor. Hello. I am very sorry for your loss. Yes you can continue to expell tissue from the miscarriage for two weeks. If you notice a smelly discharge, see your doctor incase you have a infection. Hang in there and my sympathies are with you.

Miscarriage means loss of an embryo or fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy Most miscarriages occur during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy The medical term for miscarriage is spontaneous abortion?

That's correct on all counts.

What is miscarriages?

A miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of your foetus.

What does the tissue look like when you miscarriage at 8 weeks?

You will see some tissue and when you feel something bigger than a blood clot that's the baby, it is small and it will be in like a sack and sack will be red of course, but if you can somehow rinse it off u can see a clear coat over you baby. You will have a lot of blood clots after and tissue and discharge after baby's out. I would also like to say sorry about your loss.

Which term means the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy 20 or more weeks after the pregnancy began?

I am a Labor & Delivery Nurse - We Call It A Fetal Demise. A Baby is not Viable until 23-24 weeks, but it is not just termed a miscarriage.

I was 11 weeks but found out fetus died at 9 weeks is it safe for a Diabetic to have a DnC?

Sorry for your loss. Yes. I am diabetic and had a. missed miscarriage at ten weeks. Two weeks ago I had a d and c . No problems just some bleeding and cramps which I was told was normal.hope this helps . Good luck.