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not that fast

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with this: htt ps://

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Q: How fast do you lose weight when you start cocaine?
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How fast will you lose weight eating 300 calories per day?

You will lose weight extremly fast but when you start to eat properly again youl put twice as much on!

How did Elvis costello lose so much weight?


Does cocaine help you lose weight?

It does as it puts u off food.

What is one of the reasons that weight lost is easily gained again?

because once you lose the weight lots of the time you start gaining back your bad eating habits. or if you lose weight too fast you will regain it

How do you lose weight fast without puking your food up or not eating?

The other way to lose weight is to start running. Unlike the other suggestions which ruin your health, running makes you healthier.

How much weight can you lose on cocaine?

Heavy continuous use of cocaine can result in weight loss but it also has plenty of other, less desirable side-effects such as heart failure and respiratory failure. Also, continuous cocaine use should be regarded as an expensive way to lose what could only be a few pounds in weight.

Can you lose weight from doing cocaine?

Cocaine suppresses the appetite, you don't get hungry taking it therefore eat less. You are as good as starving yourself.

How can you lose weight fast and what are some exercises that can help you to lose weight fast?

Jogging/Running is very effective, you loose around 100 calories for 10mins. Start going to the gym and do cardio. All sports are great! Sign up for some sports and get active!

Where can I find information on lawsuits against the "lose weight fast!" diets?

A lot of the lose weight fast diets are scams. To lose weight you will need to change the foods you eat, and get lots of water and exercise.

How do you get smaller thighs fast?

Lose weight, amputate!

Does fast walking help you to lose weight?

yes it does !

Where online can I find out how I can lose weight fast? can be a valuable resource for losing weight fast and in a healthy manner