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Its not so fast if you weigh under 150lbs about three weeks of not eating to lose 25lbs. You will lose more weight if you weigh more.

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: How fast can you lose weight through starvation?
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Is there a way you can lose weight fast but safely?

No. The best way is slowly, through proper diet (not starvation) and exercise.

How much weight can be lost by fasting?

If you fast long enough you can lose enough weight to die of starvation. But I don't recommend it.

Do people lose weight with starvation?


Does starvation help you to lose weight?

No, starvation makes it more difficult to lose weight, and causes your body to lose muscle weight at a similar rate as fat weight, weakening the body and leading to medical conditions such as anemia. The body will still maintain unattractive fat weight while on a starvation diet.

If you do not eat will you lose weight?

Yes, but starvation is not a recommended way of losing weight. Aim for a diet where you will lose weight gradually.

How do you reword a sentence?

if one wants to lose weight quickest way to lose weight, which for some may be starvation.

Do you begin to lose weight after three days of starvation?

Yes but it is water not fat.

How much weight do you lose from starvation?

it depends on your weight, longer if you weight less and faster if you weight more. it takes 3 weeks of not eating to lose 25lbs. if you are under 150lbs.

What are some diet plans to lose weight fast?

A starvation diet or the onset of a life-threatening disease is the only way to lose weight quickly. Starvation diets result in the loss of water and muscle mass, not fat, all of which comes back on in a short time. A healthy weight loss plan is based on knowledge, organization and planning, and is one that can be followed for a lifetime. You'll find more information at Use the Weight Management tab on the left.

10 wan girlsys to lose weight and lose weight fast at home?

It all comes down to calorie deficit, if you want to lose weight, you either need to eat less or exercise more. Depends on what is more comfortable for you. Of course there are supplements that can you with reaching your goal, but unless you do some kind of activity they won't help themselves. If you are still interested in this additional help, I placed two of the ones I used in the past in the link in my bio Hopefully this answer sums it up for you

Can you lose weight if you dont eat?

no, you can't. Because your body will change to Starvation mode.

How fast will you lose weight starving yourself?

Fast but you will probably die.

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