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Q: How easy is it for a 51 premenopausal woman to get pregnant?
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Could you be pregnant at 51 have had 9 positive in home prenancy test?

As long as you have not gone through menepause or had a histerectomy then yes it is possible. There is a woman in London right now that is pregnant at 66.

Your wife is 51 years can she get pregnant?

Depends if she has entered menopause fully or not. If she hasn't there is a risk.

What is the ISBN of The Flight from Woman?

The ISBN of The Flight from Woman is 0-913757-51-9.

Can a 51 year old woman get hired as a bank teller?

There is no reason why not, but it is completely dependent on the 51-year-old woman's resume and the interests of the particular banks at which she applies.

What is 408 divided by 8?


Normal bllod pressure for 51 year old female?

Whaj is a good no for blood pressure 51 yr woman

Ratio of men to women at present?

49 men to 51 woman

You are 51 kg and 51 are you over weight?

It cannot be determined whether a 51-year old man or woman is overweight at 51 kilograms of weight. This is because the ideal weight of a person is based on how heavy he or she is.

Can you be pregnant at 49?

Yes. Between 1997/9, in the United States, 539 births were reported among mothers over age 50. A woman in Guernesy, Great Britain, gave birth successfully at 59.

How much should a 51 year old woman weigh?

Depends on the height.

Is there a higher probability that a pregnant 51 yr old has multiples?

The answer depends on what the comparison is with! For example, compared to a non-pregnant 31 year old, I would say yes. It is possible (likely, even) that a pregnant 51 year old has been under some fertility treatment and these treatments tend to increase the likelihood of multiple births.

How do you get the square footage of an area that is 51 feet by 7 feet?

Easy to do. Just multiply the two lengths: 51 x 7 = 357 square feet.