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You should not perform a hysterosonogram if you are pregnant. Perhaps a transvaginal ultrasound.

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2013-02-21 05:55:16
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Q: How early can a hysterosonogram show if you're pregnant?
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How early can you show sings of being pregnant?

Some women show or recognize early symptoms in dAys immediatly following coneption.

What vaginal discharge comes out when youre pregnant?

Most discharge is normal when your pregnant. It can be clear or kinda thick and milky color. As long as you don't have any bloody show or foul oder with it, then your probably fine.

Can you be pregnant and never show HGC levels in your blood?

No. You will have HCG levels in your system if you are pregnant. If you are very early on, it could show negative, you don't start producing HCG until the baby is implanted.

Can a doctor tell you are pregnant by a pelvic exam as early as 5 weeks?

There is no point in doing a pelvic exam at 5 weeks. A sonogram will show if you are pregnant.

If youre on the pill and you do a pregnancy test will the results be accurate or will it just show your body as pregnant because the pill tricks it in this way?

Hello. A pregnancy test will be accurate while your on the pill.

Can a woman be pregnant and have a negative hcg test?

Yes. Your pregnancy may be too early to show up on the test.

You went to the doctor and they told you that the baby didn't show but the hcg was there are you pregnant or What is going on?

Yes you are most likely pregnant but too early to show on an ultrasound. Your Dr should have made a follow up apointment with you in about 4 weeks.

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Can you produce colostrum after just falling pregnant for the second time?

yes. It can show up as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy.

How long does phentermine show up in your urine?

how long does edderall show up in youre urine for

How do you avoid pregnancy safely in the early stages?

Early stages? To avoid pregnancy you get on birthcontrol. Go to your ob-gyn and they will show you. If you are already pregnant only abortion by a doctor will be safe.

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