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not nearly as bad as the needle going through your tongue... Pinch your tongue with pliers... that's how it feels.

Well that's a little bit on the over kill side the clamp is never that tight. The clamp is mearly to hold the tongue in a clean position for piercing in a straight line with the frenial break. It's a warm sensation and then it's finished.

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The feeling of the clamp on your tongue during piercing can be uncomfortable and may cause some pressure or pinching sensation. It is done to hold the tongue in place and make the piercing process easier for the piercer. Some people may find it more uncomfortable than others, but the sensation is usually brief.

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Q: How does the clamp feel on your tongue when your getting it pierced?
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I really considering getting my tongue pierced but i am terrified about the pain what is it like getting it done?

They pierce tongues in the line running down the middle of them. There aren't any pain nerves in that line--so when you get your tongue pierced you won't feel very much if anything at all.

Can you feel the needle going through your tongue when you are getting it pierced?

you might feel a certain pinch depending on how well you are familiar with piercings the pain comes afterwards.

Is getting your tongue pierced trashy?

YES! DEFINATELY!REALITY CHECK- It just depends on who you ask. Everyone is going to have an opinion, you just have to decide whether or not you care what other people think. Some people actually think tongue piercings are cool, and others won't hire you if you have your tongue pierced. Figure out for yourself how the idea of a pierced tongue makes you feel.

Does getting head with a pierced tongue feel any different?

For some people, having oral sex performed by someone with a pierced tongue can create a different sensation due to the added texture and pressure. However, it ultimately depends on personal preferences and sensitivity levels.

Do you always get your tongue numbed when you have it pierced?

You rarely get your tongue numbed before you pierce it. You have to be sure that the piercer didn't hit any nerves or something and you can't do that if you can't feel your tongue.

What does it feel like to get your ears peirced?

Getting your ears pierced is no biggy, trust me when I first got mine pierced I didn't feel a thing. The lady used a gun piercing thing that pierced my ears fast. It is fast and easy you barley feel a thing : ) the faster it is the less pain you feel.

Which hurts more lip or tongue percing?

Typically, a tongue piercing may hurt more than a lip piercing, as the tongue is a sensitive and muscular area. However, pain perception can vary from person to person. Both piercings may cause discomfort during the procedure and while the area is healing.

What should your tongue look like after you get it pierced should it feel like a ball round your tongue?

Well it should look like a tongue with a barbell running through it, the distention (mild swelling) around the piercing is normal and no cause for concern

How bad does snake bite piercings hurt?

They feel like getting your ear pierced on your lip.

You got your tongue pierced 2days ago and you touched your tongue and you feel a lump is that bad?

no it is normal I was worried about the lump but it went away in about two or three weeks. It is nothing to worry about it is your tongues natural response

Dose it hurt getting your nosie pierced?

It's not that bad. You feel a little pressure then it's through. It will feel sore afterward though.

Does it hurt to get your tongue webbing pierced?

no. honestly i didn't even feel a thing and anyone you ask would say the same thing. but it does get sore for the next week source: i peirced my tongue web my self and have had it for 4 months