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They feel like getting your ear pierced on your lip.

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Q: How bad does snake bite piercings hurt?
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Is snake bite bad for you?

Yes. Even if it's not a venomous snake.

How bad do bridge piercings hurt?

Quite a lot. But I found my lip hurt more.

What are the release dates for Bad Luck Snake Bite - 2010 SUSPENDED?

Bad Luck Snake Bite - 2010 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2010 (test screening)

Will it hurt for a snake to eat a mouse that is still frozen?

Eating a frozen mouse can be bad for a snake. The extreme cold can hurt the snake, as it is cold blooded. And because the limbs are not flexible, the snake can be hurt internally.

How bad do rook piercings hurt?

Any piercing will only hurt as bad as your pain tolerance will allow. If your pain tolerance is high, it may not hurt you. If its low, it may be a little uncomfortable. I can tell you that piercings through cartilage are a little more of a shock than other piercings. Its over within seconds, so you should be fine.

How bad does an adult Golden Gecko bite hurt?

I just got bit by my grandsons golden gecko today. I didn't realize how sharp their teeth were or that they would bite at all. I will tell you that it hurt and he drew blood. I almost feels like a nonvenomous snake bite without all the swelling.

Does getting your lip pierced hurt?

All piercings hurt it's mind over matter, if you don't mind it doesn't matter. Seriously it is not that bad.

Why is snake harmful to human?

most snakes ant harmful but if u want to tell if a snake is harmful either look it up on line or if u catch the snake get a cup with saran wrap over it try to get the snake to bite it if it has fangs and u see poison dripping its harmful.

Does the number of rattles a rattlesnake has effect how bad the bite is?

No - it's simply an indication of how many times the snake has shed !

Do nose piercings hurt on right side of nose?

it doesnt matter what side you get it, its the same amount of pain.. i didnt think it hurt untill i got to the last layer and that wasnt bad

Does getting a shot hurt more than belly button piercings?

well a shot is worse then a belly button piercings because a shot can hurt you so bad you will have to go to the hospertal but a belly button piercings will just sting

Are common garter snakes dagerous?

no, they are perfectly harmless, they cannot invenimate you, however the bite can hurt pretty bad.