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There are two main ways to get rid of bloating in one's belly: exercise and diet. Increased physical activity, particularly aerobic exercise can help reduce the size and bloating of one's stomach. Additionally, by cutting out certain foods that are difficult to digest, one can reduce bloating. Avoiding inulin fiber and eating probiotic foods are common nutritional practices that can help reduce bloating.

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Q: How does one get rid of belly bloat?
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Can cereal bloat the belly?

yes it can!!bloat

Why does your belly bloat after one gallon of water?

because water can't be compressed, so your belly has to expand to accommodate the new volume.

Does lithium cause belly bloat?

It can in certain people.

Can you bloat your belly by sucking air out of balloons?


What does bloat look like on an Oscar?

If the fish has distended sides and belly and sometimes seems to have swim bladder problems. Then it may have 'bloat'.

Can you inhale air through your mouth to bloat your belly?

Yes you can but if you want to you can use a bike pump and pump air in to your belly to get the bigger bloat . If you still want to use your mouth then you can take a deep breath or small one then drink a liquid right after then swallow many times.

What to do if the Dog has a bloated belly?

A bloated belly can have many causes and in all cases you should take them to the vet. It can be caused by roundworm, or a condition such as bloat which is deadly. You must take your dog to the vet as soon as possible to get the proper treatment and rule out the deadly condition of bloat.

How do you get rid of a belly ring?

Take it out

What are the causes and remedies of belly fat in women?

Hormones is the number one reason that women gain belly fat. Eating right and exercising are the best and most common ways to rid yourself of belly fat. Trying to rid yourself of stress may also contribute to the loss of belly fat.

What is a quick way to get rid of belly fat?

There is no fast way to get rid of belly fat. The best thing to do is eat right and get plenty of exercise.

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