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Marijuana does not affect the body at all. Its good for you

You shouldn't do pot, it kills you.

That is all wrong, Mary J gives you memory loss and it gives you liver problems; it is not good for you nope, it cant kill you and it doesnt affect the brain or the liver. learn your stuff.

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Q: How does marijuana effect your body and organs?
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Can marijuana have a laxative effect?

Yes, it has a relaxing effect. When you inhale oxgen plus marijuana it flexes your organs and relaxes them, thus creating good bowel movement.

What does marijuana do to you and how does it effect the body?

it can give you brain damage.

How long marijuana stays in body?

marijuana stays in your body temporarily for a few hours in to you urinate the effect will go a way.....

How does marijuana affect the body?

marijuana affects the body by stimulating the sense organs and make you do stuff that you wouldn't think of doing. It can affect your brain and you liver too, so do not abuse these drugs.

What effect does smoking have on a persons body functions?

smoking what? a cigarette? marijuana?

How much of marijuana a person can take which will not effect his body?

it depends on the person

When you remove the organs out of the body what dose that effect?

It starts to decay

How does marijuana effect the organ system?

Marijuana affects the central nervous system by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the brain, leading to altered perception, mood, and cognitive functions. It can also affect the cardiovascular system by increasing heart rate and blood pressure. Chronic use may impact the respiratory system by irritating the lungs.

Can marijuana effect your bladder?

It effects your whole body and most of all your brain.

What 3 areas is marijuana stored in the body after smoking?

After smoking, marijuana is stored in the body in the fat cells, bloodstream, and organs such as the liver and kidneys. It can be detected in these areas through drug tests.

How can marijuana effect your body parts?

Marijuana will cause you to have bad judgement, impaired reaction time, Impaired coordination and loss of appetite.

Why do your muscles twitch when you smoke marijuana?

This can be a harmless side-effect to how your body handles the intake of marijuana in your system. There is nothing really wrong with it.