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Alcohol is broken down into sugar and ether by the liver. Ether is a depressant which gives the intoxicating dizzy feeling from alcohol, while the sugar gives a rush of energy. Prolonged abuse of alcohol can lead to heart, liver and kidney damage as well as permenant brain damage and physical addiction. Withdrawl from severe Alcoholism is potentially fatal and should only be attempted under close medical supervision. Withdrawl symptoms in moderate alcoholics include dizziness, shaking, sweating, nausea and vomiting. Withdrawl in severe cases of alcoholism can include auditory and visual hallucinations, psychotic behavior, coma, and death. Again: WITHDRAWL FROM SEVERE CASES OF ALCOHOLISM IS POTENTIALLY FATAL! If you or someone you know wants to quit drinking because of prolonged and daily use, do so ONLY with proper medical supervision.

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Q: How does alcohol affect your body?
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Does alcohol affect the metabolic process?

Alcohol has no affect on metabolism; metabolism breaks alcohol down in the body.

Does alcohol affect every system in the body?

Alcohol affects every cell in the body.

Does alcohol affect your body?


What is the first thing alcohal affects?

Alcohol can affect a few things. Alcohol can affect the mind, body and thinking.

Which muscle on the body does alcohol affect first?

The tongue.

Why does alcohol affect all parts of your body?

Because alcohol travels wherever the blood does.

How long does alcohol take to affect the body?

Generally, there is some affect within the hour.

Does alcohol affect your body's production of vitamin d?

yes it does

Can aspirin affect blood alcohol levels?

Yes it can affect your BAC if you have been drinking. Aspirin inhibits your body's ability to metabolize alcohol.

Can you mix alcohol and smoking?

yes as it will not affect your body but if you mixed alcohol with cannabis it could really harm you!!

How does body fat affect alcohol absorption?

Body fat does not absorb alcohol so the fatter a person is, the greater the concentration of alcohol in the blood, other things being equal.

Why does alcohol affect the muscular response?

Alcohol acts as a depressant. That is, it slows the functioning of the body, including muscular response.