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A tattoo on stomach [to be precise, on the skin of the abdominal wall] would be stretched after pregnanacy and hence would look dotted instead od cnotinuous.

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Q: How does a tattoo on your stomach look after a pregnancy?
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How would pregnancy affect a tattoo on the side of your stomach?

your skin will stretch and so will the tattoo, in some cases once the baby is delivered and you loose wait, the tattoo will look normal again

How does a hamsters stomach look during pregnancy?

they look swollen in the stomach and the nipples show up

What does a stomach tattoo symbolize?

There are an infinite number of meanings that a stomach tattoo may have. Maybe someone's loved one died of cancer found in the stomach for example.

How would pregnancy affect a tattoo near the belly button on the stomach?

its all conected, If you get stretch marks (most women do to some extent) your tattoo will stretch out and warp in those areas and it is not something that can be fixed. My tattoo artist strongly discourages belly tattoos for women who want to have children.

Is it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy?

it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy

What do pregnant hamsters look like?

They'll grow around the middle. Not like a human pregnancy with a bump in the stomach (although the pregnancy will show here at first) but all around; their hips and stomach both will look very bloated and if you touch it GENTLY will feel somewhat firm and bumpy.

Does a dog's stomach get smaller after a false pregnancy?

No, a dog's stomach does not get smaller after a false pregnancy. It remains the same.

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Why is a tattoo across the stomach called a rocker?


What tattoo does pimp c have on his stomach?

His sons name

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