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it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy

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Q: Is it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy?
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Is it okay to have a cold stomach during pregnancy?


Should your stomach feel cold during pregnancy?

A personâ??s stomach should feel a little cold during pregnancy. When a womanâ??s stomach stretches during pregnancy, the blood vessels also stretch and become thin which leads to less warmth.

Is it normal to have a fever during the first six weeks of pregnancy?

No. You might have a cold or something that causes a fever.

Is coughing normal in pregnancy?

It's a not a pregnancy sign but just as when you are not pregnant you can get cough or a cold.

Does Dolo-cold have any side effects?

is dolo-cold safe during pregnancy (3 months pregnancy)

Is being cold normal during pregnancy?

I'm 8 weeks, and I'm very cold all the time, I plan to talk to my doctor about it. If should too if your like me. Take care, and good luck.

Does feeling so cold during normal temperature normal to those who has hypertension?

No. Hypertension has nothing to do with how cold or warm you are.

Can cold sweats be sign of early pregnancy?

One of the most common causes of Night sweats during early pregnancy (first trimester) is the hormonal changes related to pregnancy. But cold sweats are not typically a sign of pregnancy.

Can you take NyQuil when you are 30 weeks pregnant?

No, do not take Nyquil at all during your pregnancy. Ask your doctor about approved cold medications during pregnancy.

Is having a cold during the first two weeks of pregnancy a sign?

Yeah, it's a sign... that you've a cold.

Is it normal that during antibiotics your baby catches a cold?

yes it is quite normal because, it might have been that your baby has caught a cold during going out or maybe from another person.

If you feel sick during your pregnancy and its unusual could you be pregnant?

If you are sick with nausea ,cramps then yes, but a cold or fever are not the sign of pregnancy.

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