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they way a guy shows his love for a woman is speaking his love language. If he likes gifts, he will give her gifts. If he likes poetry, he will read poetry. If he likes to have stuff done for him, he will do stuff for her. If he doesn't mind getting teased (because who really likes it?) he will tease her. Etcetera. If the guy is really mature he will try to do what she likes, but most of the time the two get married and have a few children before he begins to show his love and affection that way. Most of the time he will do to her as he wants done to him.

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A guy can show his love through consistent actions that demonstrate care, respect, and support for you. This can include listening attentively, being there for you in good times and bad, making effort to spend quality time together, and communicating openly and honestly about his feelings. Ultimately, love is shown through both words and actions that prioritize your well-being and happiness.

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Q: How does a guy show you he loves you?
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What if you show a guy your nice and hes speechless what does it mean?

If a guy is left speechless after seeing something nice that you've shown him, it could indicate that he is genuinely impressed, surprised, or possibly even infatuated with what he has seen. It may also suggest that he is at a loss for words because he is trying to process his thoughts and emotions in that moment.

When a guy does not show you where he lives does it mean he loves you?

yeah it does go find him

What does it mean when your guy friend loves to show you off?

that he like u

How do you know a guy loves you even if he don't show it?

If he stares at you alot... I think.

How do you know when your guy loves you?

well i am a guy and when i love a girl i show them by making them the biggest part of my life and other stuff.

There is this girl who loves you and you hate her and your friend loves her?

Obviously you gotta show her what a great guy your mate is and what a unsensitive pig you are lol girls hate pigs!

How do you a guy loves ou even if he doesnt show it but says i love you to you?

well honey if a man says he loves you he really loves you because they all hate that tiny little word maybe its just hard for him to show it or maybe he doesn't know how

How do you know a guy loves you even if he doesnt show it?

He gives you head even though you have STDs:) hope that helps

Is it weird if your girlfriend tells her guy friends that she loves them?

It shouldn't be if the guy loves her back.

When he loves you and bought you a diamond how do you get him to show you he loves you?

You are either not in this world, or this wasn't an engagement ring. Usually when a guy gives a girl an engagement ring it's because he loves her and he seems to have proven this, so how about you! You seem to be sitting back expecting this poor guy to keep proving he loves you which means you must have some low self esteem issues.

What is life triangle?

a life triangle can be considered as ...when a guy loves a girl deadly.....but the girls best friend loves that guy madly ..and inspite that,,,,,,,, the girl whom the guy loves cannot tell the guy that she too loves him just because her best friend loves the guy........if anyone has the solution please give me the answer...i love my girl very much...and she to loves me too but still.................................

How do you know if a guy loves you or likes you if he just said i 3 you?

saying i love you is not enough he must show ways that he really love you.