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It shouldn't be if the guy loves her back.

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Q: Is it weird if your girlfriend tells her guy friends that she loves them?
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When a boy says you he loves you what do you do?

you ask why he loves you than when he tells you why he loves you if you like him ask him out 2 or 3 days later but if you dont you tell hom respectfully you dont like him but you might want to be friends, (it depends if he's weird or not.)

Is it weird that my girlfriend loves Harry Potter more than she loves me?

nope. happens to the best of us.

Is it weird that you get jealous when your girlfriend spends time with your best friends?

No that isn't weird, it just simple jelousy.

Is hanging out with your girlfriend and her friends at break times in school a bit weird?

it is only weird if you make it weird. to her friends it may show your not afraid, and give a plus on their idea of a "good" boyfriend to her. So yes & no it is a bit weird.

Is it weird if your brother tells you he loves you?

no, love between family members is nothing to be weird about. Not at all! I tell my older brother I love him everyday. He's great :)

She always calls you her best friend would it be weird to ask her out?

Some people may consider it weird but I personally think it's romantic for people to have been friends for so long then become boyfriend and girlfriend. You do what you want to do and dont be hurt if anyone tells you it's weird... we all have our own opinions on things

I call my girlfriend ladybug Is this really weird and should I find her a different name more generic like babe or hon?

No i call my girlfriend that too. She loves it and it's sweet.

Is it weird if your girlfriend eats lunch with guys you don't know?

Only if she attempts to exclude you. All your friends should now be mutual friends.

What does it mean when a guy is not afraid to tell others he loves you but never tells you directly?

He just doesn't want you to feel like he is rushing into a relationship. He's worried if he tells you you'll think he's weird.

How do you know weather your ex still loves you after you brokeup?

if you notice he/she gets weird when you talk about your boyfriend/girlfriend then you know they still love you but if they dont get weird when you talk about them then they are fine with you going out with someone else because they have moved on.

How do you deal with a friends girlfriend?

You have to teach your friends girlfriend great manners and see if you care of her and also if you care of your friend you should make him happy and don't make the girlfriend break up with him because your friend wouldn't talk to you anymore and if you don't show the girlfriend you have manners and care then she will think she has a awful weird boyfriend because of his friends ( this means you ) so, all ways treat the girlfriend with care and manners i hoped this helped :D

What does it mean when a girl points you out to her friends?

It can mean a couple things. It can mean, "See, that's the person I really like." Or it can be "See, that person is sorta weird." There are many meanings. Talk to them about it. Ask. Don't be afraid to go up to them.