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It depends. If the guy is someone this girl is attracted to and not some creepy person molesting her, it feels very arousing and exciting for most women.

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Q: How does a girl feel when a guy is licking their breasts?
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How does a guy licking a girl feel?

well it depends on wat she did early today like if she took a bath or shower it would taste like poison and spice

What doae it mean when a guy will only take full tit huges from a girl?

It means that he will give you a hung if he can feel your breasts up against his

Why does a guy lick a girl between her legs?

A guy is licking a girls vagina. this is called eating her out, and is the opposite of a blowjob

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy sucks her breasts?

Absolutely not. Period.

Is a shemale a guy or a girl?

A shemale is a man with surgically or hormonally enhanced breasts.

How do you get a guy to feel you up?

If you are a woman, you should remove your shirt, and he will surely caress your breasts

What does it mean when a guy says nice rack to a girl?

It means he approves of their breasts. Depending on the guy and girl, it is either a great compliment or a perverted observation.

When a guy says a girl is a squirter when he is talking about a girl he slept with what does that mean?

this means that she was naked and that he was fingering her or licking her or having sex and she squirted stuff out of her vagina.

What does it mean when a guy moterboats you?

When a guy moterboats a girl, it beens he is putting his head between a woman's breasts and shaking his head!

Why do you like looking down girls shirts?

Maybe because your a guy and every normal guy loves breasts, but i really think you shouldn't do this if your in a conversation with a girl, they like guys who look at their face when they are talking to them not the guy looking at their breasts.

What does love mean when a guy loves a girl or a girl loves a guy?

I think different! They should feel it from the heart!

Should a guy feel your breasts first or your vagina?

As you wish but guys will go for breast first. Foreplay ;)

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