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It means he wants to lick your vagina you have to know these things

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Q: What does it mean when a guys says he wants to eat you up?
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What does it mean when your boyfriend says he wants to taste you?

Either he wants to kiss you or he want to eat you out. If you dont know what that is, google it

What does it mean if your ex says it is over but still calls and wants to stay in touch?

Why are you still calling her if the relationship is over?

What does it mean when a guy says 'I want to eat you out'?

it means they want to have oral sex with you. meaning to lick your vagina or "eat you out"

If a turtle stare at you what do it mean?

It wants to get out and eat

Who says Let him eat honey in the book Beowulf by Robert Nye?

beowulf says it when he wants to kill the firedrake

What does it mean if a guy you like says he hates you but when im not around he asks where you are and then he says he has no reason for hating you that he just does he always teases you NOT in the bu?

it means he is being a jerck because he dosent wana show his felings or it could mean tht he dont fancy her nd she wants them both the twins and she wants to eat them in the wrong way

What does She wants her bread buttered on both sides mean?

She wants to have her cake and eat it too

What does She wants to have her cake and eat it mean?

it means she's hungry

What does it mean when your ex calls after he says that were not going to get back together?

he wants to still keep up with you, hes probably the controlling type. "he may just want to have his cake and eat it too".

What does it mean when he says i do have a special place in my heart for you mean?

it means he is going to eat you.

What does the quote by Ruth Wakefield I will eat your mom's cookies mean?

it means he wants to eat his mom vergina

What does quire comer la cena contigo mean?

"He/she wants to eat dinner with you."