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You would best be served by asking a gunsmith for help

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2012-04-27 22:24:23
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Q: How do you you field strip a model 37 Winchester?
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What is the manufacture date of Winchester 12GA shotgun Model 37a sn C633190?

The winchester model 37-A was a reintroduction of the model 37 shotgun.these were made between the years 1973-1981.Winchester did not keep serial number records of the model 37-A. I am sorry but that is the best that I can do.

What is the value of a Winchester model 37-A 28-gauge?

The value of a Winchester model 37-A 28 gauge is dependent upon a number of things. Some of these things would include the age and condition of the Winchester.

How old is a Winchester model 37 20 gauge?

The model 37 was produced from 1936 until 1963. They were not serialized.

What is a Model 37 Winchester 12 ga shotgun worth?

what is a winchester model 37 stillbuilt 12ga shotgun worth is has a pig tail where it breaks down and is in good shap

How do you take a Winchester Model 37 apart?

You should be able to find a assembly-disassembly guide for your Winchester model 37 on E-bay.If not you may to need to visit a qualified gunsmith.

When was the 16 gauge Winchester model 37 single shotgun made?

The Winchester model 37 single shot shotgun was made by Winchester from 1936-1963.A total of 1,015,554 were made during this time span.This model was reintroduced in 1973 as the model 37-A and was made until 1981.No serial numbers were ever assigned to the model 37,as there was no law in place until the gun control act of 1968 mandating this.

Where is the serial number on a Winchester Model 37 shotgun?

There were no serial numbers stamped on the original Winchester Mdl. 37, single shot shotgun.

Does a Winchester 410 model 37 come with a factory choke?


Winchester model 37 red letter shotgun price?


What years were Winchester model 37 made?

1934 through 1963.

What is the value of winchester model 37 410?

5-500 usd

How old is a Winchester model 37a 20 gauge snco74379?

Your Winchester model 37a was a reintroduction of the model 37 which occured between 1973-1981.That is when your model 37a was made.

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