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You have to collet all the mini kits in The Alien Story.

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Q: How do you unlock agent chase on Lego battles?
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Can you unlock the robot on Lego battles?

You must unlock and then buy them.

What is the code to unlock the monkey on Lego battles?


Are there a cheat code to unlock the ninja in lego battles?

no there is not

Is there a cheat code to unlock all stories in Lego battles?


What is the code to unlock the dwarf king on Lego battles?


How do you unlock lord garmadon in Lego battles ninjago?

get 100%

Is there a cheat to unlock king kahuka on Lego battles?


What are Agents in LEGO Robot Chronicles?

agent chase and agent trace and now bye

How do you unlock mars mission on LEGO battles?

By beating King, Act I.

What are the names of all the Lego agents?

Agent Trace, Agent Chase, Agent Swift,Agent Fuse, Agent Charge, and Agent Swipe

Can you unlock the monkey on Lego battles?

No. He is not on the character list, nor is he a cheat code.

Is there a code to unlock all characters in Lego battles?

yes there is a code if you enter xbwtl it will unlock all the characters for you.