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agent chase and agent trace and now bye

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Q: What are Agents in LEGO Robot Chronicles?
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How do you unlock slime chopper on Lego The Robot Chronicles?

Shoot 100 agents.

Code for Lego robot chronicles unlock robot?

to get the robot in Lego Chronicles you must achieve 100% in the game.

How do you win LEGO The Robot Chronicles?


How do you unlock the robot in Lego robot chronicles?

complete the game (100%)

How do you arrest a criminal in robot chronicles Lego?

you cant

What does spawn do on Lego robot chronicles?

change your car.

What do you do after you get the robot on Lego robot chronicles?

you don't have to do anything after unlock him but you could destroy the city.

How do you complete Lego robot chronicles?

play all the missions.

What are the names of the rank 1and 2 networkes on your Lego Network?

Agent Chase (Lego chronicles, Lego agents) Bee Keeper Bill Capt Jack Knife ( Lego universe ) Dr Inferno (Lego chronicles, Lego agents) Echo F Stop Clikzgerald Farmer John Foreman Frank Friendly Felix Henrietta Jack Drill (Lego city) Max (Lego club ) Mayor Frictionfit (Lego chronicles, Lego agents) Numb Chuck (Lego universe) Old Captain Joe (Lego city) Peelie Weelie (Lego chronicles, Lego agents) Prof. Brickkeeper (Lego universe) Seymour Brickstein (Lego chronicles, Lego agents) Stanley Brick (Lego games) Lego mln players that can help you and you can befriend them! Ironman795( rank1) Jeffro795( rank2 ) Life_Quard_Jayden (rank 1) Jeffroboy1 ( rank5 )

How do you get the slime choper in the robot chronicles?

shoot 100 agents

What is the code to achieve 100 percent on lego Robot Chronicles?

There is no code!!

How do you get the recycle truck on Lego robot chronicles?

repair 1,000 cracks