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Watch their level of breathing. When someone is faking their sleep their breathing may appear normal, however their breathing is at a faster pace, compared to someone that is really sleeping.

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Q: How do you tell if someone is really sleeping or faking?
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How do you tell if someone is fake sleeping?

Firstly, check their breathing. If they are breathing at a normal pace, they are awake. If they are breathing slow and relaxed, then they could be in deep sleep. Next, look at their eyes. Look closely at their eye muscles and see if they are tense or relaxed; if they are tense, the person is probably fake sleeping, whereas if the muscles are relaxed, then the person is likely to be asleep. Try tickling them and if they giggle straightaway, then they are faking sleep. Call on them and say something like "I know you're awake. I can tell if someone is awake or not and you're doing the worst sleeping imitation I've ever seen" or something like that. Usually, theyll give up and laugh and say "you're good" and compliment you so as not to embarrass themselves.

You were sleeping the other night you normally lay on your stomach while you sleep while you were sleeping it felt as if someone was holding you down in your sleep you couldnt move it was like you wer?

I used to have dreams that someone was sitting on me and tickling me for a long time. You never can tell if it's a dream or if it's real.

Can people really tell if they are being watched?

They can tell that they are staring at you because they can feel that someone is staring at them. It's like a force that is hitting on them. Most people can tell that they are being stared, but some people can't, which is fine.

How can you get someone to laugh?

Tell a joke.

How can someone be honest?

someone can be honest if they think that they trust you enough to tell you something top secret, a truth, etc. someone can be honest if they think that they trust you enough to tell you something top secret, a truth, etc.

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What gestures tell you that a person is faking happiness?

Usually you can tell when you look in his eyes. When we are really happy - we smile , or cry but always with the eyes involved. If you see someone smiles, but his eyes are not 'part of it' - you can tell he fakes it.

How can you tell if a friend is faking?

friendships are sorta easy and sorta hard to handle, its rather obvious to tell if they`re faking, sometimes its really hard if you really cant tell and you have to test it, like ask them to trust you with something that had a lot of meaning to them my opinion

How can you tell if someone is sleeping?

They are not awake.

How can you tell if someone is gay or just faking?

The only way to know is for the person to tell you. Also, no one fakes being gay.

How can you tell someone is not dreaming?

if they are awake. If they are sleeping, it is most likely they are dreaming

How do you tell someone your not interested after sleeping with them?

Just simply let them down easy.

How do you know if a person is faking a religious identity?

You can tell if a person is faking a religious identity if they have no actual knowledge of the religion. If they cannot answer specific questions about the religion, or have incorrect answers, they are faking it.

How do you know when someone is faking a high?

it is easier to tell if you know the person and you yourself have gotten high or gotten high with them. Everybody acts different when they are high. Try having them look at a ceiling fan. if it as no effect on them what so ever they are probally faking, if they try to follow one on the fan blades with their eyes then they are probally high. but if they are like really frreaking out they are probally talking about weed. i have no idea how to tell if they are on any serious drugs.

How can you tell if your man is sleeping around with someone other than you?

I'm not an expert on the topic but these are easy signs. •If he is uncomfortable sleeping with you. •If he is uncomfortable cuddling/curling up with you. •If he won't talk about sleeping with you. Generally, this means that either he is really uncomfortable with sleeping with you, or (especially if he has slept with you before) that he is sleeping with another woman. Sorry honey. It happens to most people at some point or another.

Can doctors tell if you've vomited?

yep. so you better not be faking it!

What kind of problems does Columbia face today?

i dont really know i need someone to tell me i dont really know i need someone to tell me

How do you act the morning after sleeping with someone you dont really know?

I would be totally confused, scared and if I like that stranger, i would try to hook up. If not then try to forget about it and tell him that he better forget about it too.