How do you tell if a girl stuffs her bra?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It will be a different size everytime you see her, it will be uneven and sometimes look like a square, and if you ask her bra size, she will say a letter that doesnt even exist. (On the bra scale anyway)

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Q: How do you tell if a girl stuffs her bra?
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How can you tell if a girl stuffs her bra?

You can tell if u see lines were her boobs would be.

How can you tell someone stuffs their bra?

Either Tissue paper is sticking out or If their JOLLOPIES

How can you tell a male goldfish from a girl goldfish?

She's the one wearing the bra.

How should a girl tell her parent if she thinks she should start wearing a sports bra?

If it's your first bra, you don't necessarily want a sports bra, you want a training bra. And honestly, it's awkward, but just tell your mom that you need one.

How can you tell what a girls bra size is by looking looking?

You cannot tell a girl's bra size just by looking unless you have years of experience in professional bra fittings. Unless you are planning to buy her a bra, you really don't need to know. Focus on finding out more about her interests instead.

How can you tell what bra size is girl next to you wearing of?

I don't think u can, unless you ask her.

What do you call a girl with no bra on?

You call a girl with no bra on by her name. She is no different than a girl with a bra on, she is a person who made her own clothing choices.

How should you tell your mom you need a bra?

Go shopping and look around. then find the bra section and say ''mom ive been thinking, every girl at school has a bra, and i think i need on to''

Is it normal for a girl to wear a 36C bra?

There is no "normal" bra size. It varies from girl to girl.

When should a girl buy a bra?

Around the age 9-13, a girl will get her first bra or training bra.

How do you tell if a girl is wearing a bra?

If they're wearing tight or revealing clothing, you can usually see the straps. Many shirts have bra-like support built in to the shirt itself, making a separate bra unnecessary. If a girl is wearing loose and modest clothing, there's really no way to tell anymore than you can tell how high someone's socks are who's wearing long pants.

Can someone tell you your bra size?

Someone can only tell you your bra size if you get someone in a bra fitting store to measure your breasts with your bra on.