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She wouldn't say anything and she will always smile or do little flirty things to get your attention on her and when you a boy is playing with another girl the girl that is shy will get jealous and do little cute things.

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If one wants to get to know a shy girl, the first thing he or she might want to do is say hello to her, introduce his or herself. Shyness will usually mean she's not likely to approach or be assertive unless she feels she needs to, so putting oneself out there and starting the conversation lets her stay a little closer to her own comfort zone. Be patient. Any person is worth taking the time to really get to know, and just because a girl is shy doesn't mean she won't open herself up emotionally given the time she wants.

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if she isn't very out in the open or is very quite and acts as if she where scared

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if she is usually more shy toward you or twirls her hair with her finger or plays with her fingers and moves around a lot

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Q: How do you tell if a girl likes you but is to shy to say anything?
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What to say to a girl that will tell you of she likes you?

Be nice, polite and say "thank you".

How do you tell if she likes you but is to shy to say anything?

Ask her best friend.

What do you say when a girl tell you that she likes you?

You need to be completely honest with your reply.

How do you tell if a shy girl is interested or not and also how do you tell if there shy at all?

You can tell that a shy girl likes you how? well if she looks at you and smiles but doesnt say anything there is a chance try and get her not to be so shy talk to her ask her questions show her that you are intrested

What do you say to a girl if you like her?


How do you get a girl to say that they like you?

To get a girl to tell you she likes you, you have to make her KNOW that you like her. If you don't she might feel too insecure to tell you.

How do you tell if the girl likes you?

she will talk with you but also seem kindof starstruck your talking with her too she will tease you back she will do anything to get your attention she will get nervous around you her friends will say and give stupid stuff to you and they'll say its from the girl or she will tell you i know i am a girl and i do all these thing and even told the guy so this is true

Can you tell when a girl looks at you and is thinking how much she likes you and is wondering if you like her and thinking how important it is for you to say how you feel before she says anything more?

How do you read women's thoughts?!!

How do you know a girl likes u?

when a girl is around her friends she will laugh at anything u say and then she will start flirting

How should a guy tell a girl he likes her?

say "i like you" then whip out your hooded warrior

How do you say love to a girl?

if she likes you maybe ask her out and tell her how you feal about her hope this helps

How do you get around fancying the best friend of the person you likes you do you say anything and risk upsetting the person who likes you or not say anything at all?

Tell them both and try organise a 3some. Problem solved