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You need to remove the recoil pad. Once the pad is removed the stock is hollow. You need a long flathead screwdriver to remove the one bolt holding the stock on. Shine a flashlight into the stock and you'll see the bolt easily.

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Q: How do you take the stock off of a mossberg maverick model 88?
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Mossberg model s-130 rifle?

S-130 is a type of rear sight used on Mossberg rifles- but not the model of the rifle. Take a look on the barrel.

How do you disassemble the mossberg model 151a?

take it to a gunsmith and ask for help

How do you take the fore stock off of a mossberg maverick model 88?

you must 1st remove the rubber butt, i think they are 2 Phillips screws, the bolt is then inside the stock, which you kan use either a large long flathead screw driver or a socket set and extention, i cannot remember size of socket piece though , maybe use a torch to shine inside the stock 2 get a fair idea of the bolt size, hope that helps

How do you assemble a maverick model 88?

the only way it will ever be put back together is to take it to your local gun smith

Who made western field 12 gauge pump model m550ABD?

Pretty sure it was Mossberg. Take a look at a list of Mossberg shotguns. I'm sure you will find one that looks like your Western Field.

When was the 20 gage mossberg shot gun model 1850 b made?

Take a close look at your markings- I think you have a model 185 D (b). If so, it was made from 1950-1955. There is no Model 1850 b listed in my references.

Can you relace fabric on shin crest lounge chair?

It depends on the model. Call them at 1-800-847-9981 if you have the model or stock number from the instruction book. If you don't have model or stock number, you can take some good digital pictures of the chair and email them to

How do you take the plug out of a mossberg shotgun?

Follow instructions in owner's manual. If you don't have one, go to Mossberg's web site for information on how to get one.

How do you assemble a mossberg 146b rifle?

With the exception of taking the action out of the stock, and the bolt out of the action- it is not necessary to disassemble the 146B. If you have taken more things apart, would suggest you take it to a gunsmith. There are no manuals for the 146B due to age.

How d you take the stock off of a20 ga Newport model wn?

Remove the buttplate, shone a light in the hole in the center of the stock. You should see the head of a bolt. Using a socket and an extension, unscrew the stock bolt. Stock should slide off.

Take stalk or take stock - which is correct?

Take stock of. Synonyms: audit, check, assess, review, survey, examine, inspect, look over, inventory.

How do you take apart your Mossberg 151k?

Find a good gunsmith and ask for help.

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