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First, start by being her friend.

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Q: How do you take it slow with a girl?
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How do you make out with your girl?

you should take it slow then get to the tongue

What is the best way to tell to a girl that you want to take things slow?

The best way to tell to a girl that you want to take things slow is by telling her the importance of financial stability in a relationship.

What does it mean if the girl you like and she likes you as you have kissed are going to start seeing each other but she wants to take it really slow as were both freaked out as this is knew for us?

i think yes it would new and if she wants to take it slow then i suggest you take it slow. if you really like this girl then you would take it slow. sooner or later you guys could take it a little faster. just be patient. ;)

A girl offered to sleep with you what should you do?

say yes and go slow alright but if you are sure that you want me to .but if i do sleep with can we take it slow

Okay so I'm the type of girl who jumps in relationships but I met this guy and he wants to take things slow What does it mean to take it slow How do I take it slow?

If you are the type of girl who jumps into relationships, but want to take things slowly with a new guy, tell him. Taking things slowly means spending more time talking and getting to know each other before making a commitment.

How can a 15 year old girl get a boyfriend?

try to become his friend don't be mean and take it slow

How do you ask a girl if you can kiss her?

no seeing i am a girl take it slow go to dinner with her and slowly as you are leaving put your arm around her neck and kiss her do not rush it

Why would a girl say she wants to take it slow after she makes out with you?

she wants to make sure you`re not just using her.

What does it mean if a girl puts poo at the end of your name?

she obviously likes you but dont do anything stupid take it slow

Should you write a note to a girl saying you like them?

If you really like this girl than you should. But if you don't really like her than you should just take it slow.

How do you ask out your guy friend?

One thing a guy wants is the girl to be herself. First, ask him if he likes you? Take it slow.

Does a boy like you if he gives you hi fives?

yea probably. Take it slow and find out , he could be giving fives to every girl on hi5 and waiting for replies, so always take it slow, get to know him and then move towards a friendship or relationship.