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You don't.

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2017-08-23 10:39:00
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Q: How do you slap a girls butt without her getting mad at you?
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Should you slap a girls butt if they are dating you?

It depends on how long you have been dating. If she is ready for it, go ahead. Do it in a playful way, and let her do it back to you. Be prepared....some girls will do it hard, or without pants.

How can you tell if a boy wants to slap your butt?

They will stare at your butt

What do you do when you don't like a guy that touches your butt?

You slap him. This is sexual harrassment. Make sure he knows that touching your butt is not OK.

What does it mean when a guy says your butt is hard?

Ewww! here's what i suggest: slap them on the face and say their butt is hard. see how they like it.

How do you slap a girls butt?

well, buddy, you shouldn't be doing that, but since i was a teenager once, back in the days, i understand your hormones. you take your hand and out it in a high five position and gently high five their butt cheek. you don't want to do it to hard though cause then they would get mad. i hope i helped son. you slap it! slap it good! -- Lots of girls like having their butt spanked/slapped. It's normal. So, I suggest picking a day she's in yoga pants, or jeggings. Then, when you see her, give her a "hello" hug, and reach down and squeeze it a little. later on, if she gets up to get you a drink, food, turn on a movie, ect, just give her a little love pat on the rear. If she likes it, when you're cuddling/together, rub it and slap it gently and casually. (like a metronome. Just a few slaps that are very relaxed.) This will turn her on SO much, and you too. The butt is a very sensitive area, so stimulating it can be very attractive.

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