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You could just get him alone, sit him on the couch, climb on top of him and pull your shirt up. I mean its pretty simple actually...

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Q: How do you show your boyfriend your breasts?
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Why is your boyfriend turned on by balloons?

My guess is he associates them with breasts.

Can I show my 10 year old son my breasts?

If you show him your breasts he might be scarred for life.

Since you are sixteen you have only 34AA cupped breasts should you wear a string bikini cause you want to show off your breasts to your boyfriend at the beach so he will touch them and maybe take your?

Go for it girl! you might get lucky in the bedroom that night

Is it okay to show your breasts?


Can you show me samus' breasts?


What would you rather do.. show a person your breasts or ass?

If its a guy................BREASTS!

Should you wear a string bikini to the beach with your boyfriend since you want to show off your breasts to him?

If your trying to show off your boobs yea wear a bikini. (Edit) Everybody wears a bikini, but a string bikini is an invitation to your boyfriend that everyone gets to see. Perves don't understand that the invitation is private.

Why did your boyfriend put his hands on your breasts then make out with you?

Men love boobs!

Why Minoan women exposed breasts?

The same reason why women cover their breasts nowadays, it was accepted by their culture to show breasts.

Why did your boyfriend dump you and then tell you i have big breasts?

obvioulsy because he wants to get in your pants

What do you think your boyfriend is thinking when he looks at your breasts across the room?

He's horny.

Do most people like breasts?

no but only if there boyfriend and girlfriend thats gross