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  1. by using blue tooth
  2. by both iphone get the app called bump
  3. by connecting the iphones to iTunes
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Q: How do you send music from iPhone to iPhone?
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I have an iPhone. how do i download music form iTunes to my iPhone?

After you buy the music in the itunes store you have to sync it.

Do you have to have an iPhone in order to download iTunes music onto your phone?

Yes, you have to have an iPhone to download iTunes to a phone

How do you transfer music to an iPhone without using iTunes?

I know so many guys are facing this trouble,but i don't know what method they're using.Anyway,i tried a lot and found a video guide below,you can check it if you like.How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone without iTunes -YouTubeFor transferring music from computer to iPhone without iTunes, you can also use a tool like AnyTrans.1. Free download and install AnyTrans on computer.2. Open AnyTrans > Connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable.3. Click " Audio" > Select "Music.4. Click Plus button to add music from computer to iPhone > Select the music you want to transfer on you computer > Click Open to transfer music from computer to iPhone.

How do you transfer music files from computer to your iPhone?

1. download iTunes if you don't have it. 2. connect your iPhone to your computer with the wire 3. on iTunes go to music at the top left and check if your songs are there - if not then just drag your music files to your iTunes 4. after your music is on iTunes press on the iPhone bar on the left and press sync on the bottom right. However, you may receive a warning stating that all existing music will be erased on your iPhone. If you don't have all music on your computer, you'd better try other software besides iTunes . FonePaw iOS Transfer is a good alternative. Launch the program on your computer>connect iPhone to PC >Click "Media">"music">"Add">select music files or folder on your computer>Click "Open">Transfer music from computer to iPhone directly. If you want to try another tool to transfer your music files from computer to your iPhone, you could free download and install AnyTrans, which is also a professional and powerful tool to transfer data. 1. Click on AnyTrans icon to run it, and connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable. 2. Click on "Audio" and then tap on "Music " to enter the manage page. 3. Click on "+" at the top right pane, select the music files you want to import into your iPhone on your computer, and click on "Open" button to begin transferring.

Is it legal to send music via email to another from your own music files?

If it is music you have created yourself then you can send it to anyone. If it is music created by someone else that you have purchased (or acquired otherwise) then it is illegal for you to send it to someone and for anyone else to receive it unless you actually own the copyright and distribution rights for the music.

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Can you send music through sms on iPhone 4?

No, you cannot.

On a i podnano can you send music to your phone?

No. I don't believe that you can get wifi on a nano. And you are not allowed to send music at all in an iphone or ipod touch which gets the wifi connection.

How do you send mp3 to iPhone?

iTunes, drag and drop the music into iTunes if it's not already loaded. Then Sync.

When someone sends music through text how do you download it on iPhone 3G?

You actually cannot, it is to do with the downloading software in an iPhone, it's not possible. You will have to have your friend send it to you via Msn or Facebook maybe, and then put it on to your iPhone via iTunes.

How do you send pictures of an origanal iPhone?

You can send pictures of an original iPhone the same way you can send pictures of just about anything.

Why cant my iphone send images?

Your iPhone may not be able to send images if there is a problem with the carrier.

Can the Apple iPhone send MMS messages?

Only the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S can send MMS messages with the 3.0 update. The first iPhone model can not.

Where can you get sendsong for iPhone?

You can not send songs from iphone, that are stored in itunes

Is there any way to copy my music from my iphone to pc?

Yes, you can use the iPhone PC cable to copy music from your iPhone to PC.

How can you send someone an iphone virus?

how can i send virus to iphone4s

Can you buy music off your iPhone?

You buy music through the iTunes store and download it to your iPhone.

How do you download music from WMP to iPhone?

You have to convert the music into an ACC format than sync it to your iPhone