How can you send someone an iphone virus?

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how can i send virus to iphone4s

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2013-12-31 00:37:03
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Q: How can you send someone an iphone virus?
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How do you send virus cellphone to cellphone?

You need to ring someone

How do you send a photo on an iPad to someone's inbox on facebook?

Download Facebook messenger for iPhone

Why do you think someone would send a virus across the Internet?

because they have no life:D

How do you scan virus in iPhone?

Apple products don't get virus or malware. So is with iphone so no virus scanning required.

How do you download a virus and send it threw email?

You're *trying* to get a virus on your computer? And then *force* it on someone else?? Do you have any idea how nasty viruses are? It's not even possible to send someone else a virus that your computer isn't affected by. Don't be such a jerk. Try telling the person you wanted to send a virus to that you hate them instead. That's nicer than what you're trying to do.

How do you message someone on twitter using an iPhone?

By downloading the free Twitter app. You can then send and receive tweets.

How do you send pictures of an origanal iPhone?

You can send pictures of an original iPhone the same way you can send pictures of just about anything.

Why cant my iphone send images?

Your iPhone may not be able to send images if there is a problem with the carrier.

Can iPhone get a virus from connecting to the computer?


Can the Apple iPhone send MMS messages?

Only the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3G S can send MMS messages with the 3.0 update. The first iPhone model can not.

Where can you get sendsong for iPhone?

You can not send songs from iphone, that are stored in itunes

Can you get virus on your iPhone?

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