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How to send a photo to your crew in ourworld :

1. Take a picture.

2. Once you're done taking the photo click on the square which will be putted a check mark.

3. Now that you have a check mark by the photo look at the right side near the close button and click Send to Crew.

And it will say its has sended!!

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Q: How do you send a photo to a crew album in ourworld?
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Go on user settings and in the bottom corner you could see it say delete account click it and it will be permanently deleted!!! To learn more about ourWorld, visit this site -- I've been playing OurWorld and i wanted to delete may account as well but i couldn't see anywhere saying ''delete account'' so i suggest to write to the people that own OurWorld and tell them your problem but make sure you send them the email address of the account you want to be delete

How do you give someone your heart on ourworld?

You go to that person's profile and click the little heart in the bottom left corner of their page. That will send your heart to them to go out with you basically and telling them you have a crush on them.

What is the gift card code for ourworld?

You go and buy it at either, Toys R Us, Walmart, Co-op, Safe Way, etc. When you go on ourWorld you type in the code from the card you bought. They cost about 10-15 dollars. When you become a resident, you get better stuff like: -Mondo Condo -A pet -300 gems -You can go to the beach -You can go to the Key Dungeon -And more! If your question is "What is the gift card code for ourWorld?" Well we can't tell you because It's cheating. On ourWorld my name is Deobi1 (Please add me, Gift me, or send me your heart) If you gift me I will gift you back. Next Monday I'm becoming a member.

How can you hack gems on ourworld?

You can't "hack" gems, per say. You can, however, use the monthly gem code to get gems. You can get this code by going to the "User Settings" section in the top right hand corner of the screen, and going to the "Send me the monthly newsletter" option. You will then be emailed a monthly code, which is sent out, well, every month! Hope this helps.

Where can you buy an ourworld gift card?

In the U.S.A you can buy them at the two most common stores: Safeway and Toys 'R' us look the writing above may be true but what about Australia? In Australia you could buy them in post offices, news angencys, target, kmart, big W, or just simply buy them on line. have fun on our world my username on our world is: JessRoks24 plz add me and send me gifts.

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