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You have to send ourWorld an email from the emial wich you signed up with and tell them yuo want to delete your account!

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Q: How delete ourworld account?
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How do you delete your ourworld game account?

Go on user settings and in the bottom corner you could see it say delete account click it and it will be permanently deleted!!! To learn more about ourWorld, visit this site -- I've been playing OurWorld and i wanted to delete may account as well but i couldn't see anywhere saying ''delete account'' so i suggest to write to the people that own OurWorld and tell them your problem but make sure you send them the email address of the account you want to be delete

How do you delete an ourworld account?

I think you have to Email to them to delete it... Email them: MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THEM YOUR EMAIL AS WELL!

How do you delete a ourworld character account but someone hacked u?

Ask someone that's good with computers or knows what to do.

How delete your ourworld character?

Well i sent them a question and there answered that you can not really delete your ourworld character, you can only just............not get on it

How do you delete an ourworld acount?

sorry but you cant

Does Taylor Lautner have an ourworld account?


Does Bella Thorne have a ourworld account?


Who can you visit on ourworld?

You can visit anybody you want, as long as they have an ourWorld account. If your friends dont have an account, you can e-mail them asking to join! Or, just tell them in real life. I hope you have fun with your account :)) I'm a big ourWorld fan

Do the Jonas Brothers have a ourWorld account?

Sadly, they do not have an Our world account

What are some account games like meez?


How do I delete the account?

Go to your setting press "delete my account" then confirm

How do you delete nimbuzz account?

You can delete your Nimbuzz account can be deleted easily. You can to to your settings to delete. then select the delete account option.