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There are two screws securing the ramp to the barrel. One screw is quite obvious at the rear of the ramp. The other screw is under the front sight blade. Remove the front sight blade and you will be able to remove the mounting screw.

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Q: How do you remove the front ramp site on a 760 Remington rifle?
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How do you remove front sight blade on Remington 742 rifle?

1. Remove the screw to the rear of the front sight ramp.2. Remove the "blade" from the front sight ramp.3. Remove the screw from the front of the front sight ramp (which was formerly seated under the "blade").

Where can you find a front ramp sight for a Model sixty. twenty two caliber rifle?


What does PG mean on a Remington model 514?

The "P" designates peep rear sight & ramp front sight, not sure of the "G" designation.

How do you remove the front sight on a Winchester Model 94?

The front sight is mounted on a "dove tail", you just tap it out of the notch in the ramp with a hammer and a punch or drift pin. The ramp is welded on, you cant take it off.

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How do you remove the front sight on a Winchester model 70?

Only 1 screw is visible, there are 2. Remove front sight hood, drive dove tail blade out from left to right. The other screw is visible now. Remove both screws and the ramp comes off.

How do you replace the feed ramp on a marlin 883 bolt action rifle?

Job is best left to a gunsmith

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How do you keep the AR 7 rifle from jamming?

Remove the barrel. Take a small round steel file and round off the lower portion of the chamber. The problem is the rounds "nose dive" into the sharp edge of the chamber, by rounding it off you give the bullet a "ramp" to follow. The problem with the Henry AR-7 jamming issues can be easily fixed.Here is what I have discovered and modified on my AR-7. The problem has nothing to do with the rifle itself but rather everything to do with the magazine.. Here's the fix.With 600 grit sandpaper polish the feed ramp on the magazine down to bare metal,then with a Q-tip lightly apply gun grease on the feed ramp,clean and lubricate ramp after every shooting session and you will never have another jam.

What is date of mfg for Remington Model 11 SN 30473?

1908, quite early gun. (started in 1905, really didn't ramp up until that year.

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