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click refresh or hit F5, suggestions only come up if the facebook systems think its a worthy suggestion

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Q: How do you refresh your friend suggestions list on Facebook?
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How do you edit the privacy of who can see your friend list on Facebook?

Im pretty sure that only your friend's can see your friend list on FaceBook...

Can you hide just one friend on your friend list on Facebook?


Where to find list of removed friend in facebook?

Facebook has not introduced this service yet.

How do you be Peyton List friend or?

go on her facebook page

How do you list someone as a sibling on Facebook?

Mutral friend

How do you erase a friend on Facebook?

Go to your friend list then on the right it says block friend click that.

How do you know if one is online from mobile facebook will his Profile be visible on top of my friend list?

When a Facebook friend is online, there will be an icon displayed by their name in the friend list. This also indicates that instant messaging can take place.

How do you remove a friend from Facebook?

The Facebook can delete her/him from facebook if he/she has been reported few times. You can remove a friend from your friends list by going to a friend's page and at bottom left corner there's a Remove button.

What does it mean if i am taken off someones facebook friend's list?

obviously, you weren't a good friend...

Does a facebook friend know when you remove him?

That friend can notice that you're not on his/her list and could add you again.

Can you edit the settings of a friend list on Facebook or at least view the settings of a list?

Yes, Yes you can

If you delete a Facebook Friend does that selfsame Friend receive a notification about this?

No, he or she won't receive a notification, but you will disappear from the Friend list.