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make sure you are on the persons account. yes i know im a genius.

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Q: How do you recover someone elses chat history on facebook?
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How do you delete someone elses Facebook?

My facebook feels over crowded what can i do

How do you login into facebook on someone elses computer?

You can log in to your Facebook account from someone's PC same like you log in your own PC or Laptop.

What is it called when people make a Facebook using someone elses name?

Fraud, it is illegal, and you will be pushed off Facebook if caught doing it.

How do you get Facebook email id from Facebook profile id?

You can only get someone elses email address if they have it posted in their Info tab on their Profile Page :)

Is anyone elses facebook not working?


Is it possible for someone to edit someone elses facebook?

yes. If they know your password it is easy for them. Although most the time they don't know your password and that is why they are called hackers.

How do you delete your child's Facebook account?

you cruel cruel person... and im guessing FB doesnt have a "delete someone elses facebook account" button... so i guess you cant

How do you log on to your facebook using someone elses computer?

Log out of their account and type in your username in the username box and your password in the password box.

Can you look at someone elses messages in Facebook?

Yes you can. I don't exactly know how but my parents have done it. Also many police officers do.

How do you get into someone elses facebook?

A buddy of mine came up with this great hacker program to get into facebook accounts. it works great. you should try it out.

How do you load photos on someone elses Facebook wall?

You can't. The only thing you can do is upload the image to your own wall and tag the friend in the picture.

What is the word or term used for learning from someone elses experience?

Walking a mile in someone elses shoes.